Montano & Associates conducts investigations into current and future employees' honesty, integrity, and character fitness. We can investigate a huge range of characteristics, including civil, criminal, driving, financial, and subversive histories.

We also investigate for companies and corporations in cases involving white-collar crime, cybercrime, counterfeiting, internal and external theft, narcotics, document fraud, and embezzlement. In addition, we conduct investigations into insurance claims for property claims, fraudulent damage and workers' compensation claims, and conduct lifestyle assessments for life insurance claims.

M&A will also conduct technology investigations, both on-site and undercover, into technology theft, computer intrusion, data destruction, data theft, and software piracy. These include corporate espionage cyberattacks, internet defamation, virus attacks, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, email and USENET investigations, inter-net auction fraud, internet stalking, patent and trademark infringement, and phishing.