Protect Your Brand

Trademark infringement and copyright violations are abundant throughout the Internet. Brand name dilution, destroyed profit margins and legal issues all result when unauthorized peddlers advertise commodities. In every corner, the Internet displays protected merchandise, creating a virtual battle between legitimate distributors and manufacturers and unscrupulous and fraudulent suppliers. Without a program that locates and identifies these unauthorized Internet marketers, brand name owners can find it impossible to stop illicit sales, jeopardizing their company's bottom line. When it comes to protecting one's brand name, complacency is not an option.

As the Internet continually expands and increases venues through which brand names can be abused, an instrument must be available that seeks, discovers and specifically locates where prohibited sales are offered. Montano and Associates has the answer.

Montano and Associates' IT experts have developed and refined a web-penetrating technology which immediately thwarts online retailers who market anything without legal permission.

Imagine a search engine that can view and archive tens-of-thousands of websites (social networks, blogs, message boards, newsgroups, forums) and maneuver through any cyberspace labyrinth . . . with extraordinary speed. Whether it is a protected product, name, lyric or quote, Montano & Associates' system will recognize it wherever and whenever it becomes visible online.

Whether using specific or broadened criteria, clients will be given information classifying every relevant offender, ranked by volume and severity. Seamless navigation, competent raw-data recapitulation will be provided to Montano and Associates' clients as graphs, charts, animations and visual representations. Database archives will retain elements discovered and enable future, trouble-free identification of rogues who attempt to repeat marketing of protected brands.

As with any device or program, efficiency is dependant upon the professionals employing them. Montano and Associates has a proven brand name protection reputation and decades of success serving its corporate and legal clients, both domestic and international.