Be Informed

A company lives or dies by the actions of its competitors. Competitive intelligence is pro-active, not reactive. It anticipates industry trends by developing and effectively communicating strategic and tactical implications of competitive / environmental / political / economic and demographic issues affecting companies through the systematic capture and analysis of critical business information from both publicly available secondary data and primary research. Our Competitive Intelligence Division maintains global databases, analysts, and researchers whose sole job is to detect the rapidly changing events that can impact a business in real time.

Each project is client specific. It is based on the purpose of the intelligence. Is the focus a specific competitor's product or marketing plan? Do you intend to enter an emerging industry and must know the competitive landscape? Is your own company's information being raided? Does your company intend to expand to Asia and you must know the laws, specific customs, the black markets to beware of, and the customs to compete?

We do not just provide you random bits of data. We convert it into strategic knowledge, create White Papers and propose initiatives. We provide key decision makers a 360-degree strategic vantage point in their competitive battlefield, providing information about competitors' plans and activities to support strategic development,planning, and sales efforts.

By obtaining and analyzing certain data, and sifting it through specific methodologies, we create a tapestry of strategically important information to empower decision-makers with forward thinking tools. Industry dynamics, competitors' threats, pricing, revenue, headcount, raiding activities, growth, capabilities, future strategic goals, marketing, global positioning and politics and financial positioning are just some of the pieces of this tapestry. We don't stop at researching technologies, products and politics that may compete directly with your company. We monitor all components that may threaten your business. Montano & Associates International Investigations is a member of, and strongly abides by, the Code of Ethics set for by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals.

Protect Your Company

Montano & Associates will conduct due diligence investigations into corporate mergers and acquisitions, real estate and banking, technology and environmental negotiations, and securities offerings. We will also conduct labor-related investigations, with emphasis on ADA, discrimination, misconduct, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and workplace violence.